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Orlando's LITE 99!

Welcome to Orlando’s LITE 99!

Brought back by Popular Demand, The Breeze has been flipped over to become LITE 99, where we play your Lite Rock Relaxing Favorites. We play Soft Rock favorites from the 70s through today!

New for LITE 99 is our Christian Music Sundays, which will play the best in Christian Music on Sundays!

Thank you for tuning in to Orlando’s LITE 99!

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    Lite 99 Orlando
    Lite 99 Orlando
    After we flip to the normal format tomorrow, we'll sprinkle in some last Christmas songs until Midnight! I have some news Monday when I'm on air 10A-2 pm (No not Christmas Related) --Mike
    Lite 99 Orlando
    Lite 99 Orlando
    It is a blazer out there. You're lucky you got air conditioning in here like mother nature intended.
    Lite 99 Orlando
    Lite 99 Orlando
    Are you enjoying the Christmas Music? We are ready for some Christmas Cookies!
    Lite 99 Orlando
    Lite 99 Orlando
    We may be a radio station, but personally, this is me, and I also advocate for folks rights 🙂 --Mike
    Lite 99 Orlando
    Lite 99 Orlando
    LIFTOFF!!!! Christmas Music in July is HERE!!! Enjoy ALL Christmas Music until 4pm Sunday 🙂

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