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Artist Name: Chords | On Tour: No
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About Chords:
He has already worked with many acts within Swedish hiphop, and been on an almost constant tour throughout Sweden and Europe for the past two years. Swedish MC Chords has made himself quite an impressive reputation among Swedish hiphopers, with his strong punchlines and flowing rhymes.

Chords, or Jens Resch, which is his real name, was born in 1978 in Sweden. He grew up in the realtively small town called Lund, where music became a growing interest at an early age. Being only 14 years old, he started to write his own lyrics as he listened to beats and came up with rhymes to match them. He socialized with people like the wellknown Swedish producer Måns Asplund (Breakmecanix) and by the age of 16, Chords recorded his first songs in the studio.

He was only ten years old then, but was already being influenced and inspired by hiphopers like Run DMC. Nowdays, you’ll most likely hear old soul classics, hiphop and reagge coming out of his stereo. His passion for music has always been present, although he has both worked and studied other things along the way. He even worked extra at Juju Records, the record label he’s now signed to.

Formely with the duo Chords & Scissors, Chords is now working solo, with guestperformers from wellknown Swedish hiphop artists like Timbuktu and LoopTroops Promoe. Chords 12” single, “Idiot Savant” was the first single from his debut album that came out in 2003, and the first release since being signed with Juju Records in 2001.

Chords was accepted to a university of journalism in the states. But instead, he chose a music career and an invitation to accompany Swedish hiphopers LoopTroop on their tour in 2001. Chords is certain of one thing,

He writes his lyrics in English because the words and rhymes come natural to him in English for some reason. Collaborations with Swedish rapper Organism 12, has resulted in some Swedish lyrics and they've even released an EP together as Smuts & Co.

Like most creative people, Chords strives for inspiration and says he has always written rhymes because it has felt good and not because he has been on the search for a record deal. But when Juju Records offered him one in 2001, he accepted. Chords has previously both recorded with Juju Records founder, hiphop artist Timbuktu, and received good reviews as the ultimate backup for Timbuktu and Dj Amato on tour.

In 2006 he released his debutalbum "The Garden Around The Mansion" in the US, trough Empire Musikwerks. He also went on a critically acclaimed tour with the reggae-group Helt Off which he is a part of. .

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